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Primary title: consistent neglect leader belittled the Brazilian says refused to loosen up epidemic control masks for Coronavirus for sale

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Best n95 masks for coronavirus,Reference News Network Walk 27 reported that, relating to Western press reviews, the commanders of Brazil’s 27 state-level administrative locations signify 25 Drive they do not care and attention about the criticism of the president Bosuonaluo quarantine measures for the prevention and control of epidemic states taken and will continue to comply with World Health organization recommendations.

According to EFE March 25 reported cases of pneumonia since the new crown growing population of 210 million in the territory of Brazil, Brazilian states have taken measures to limit economic activity and the movement of persons. According to the latest official data, after the first cases of the disease a month, 2433 people in Brazil have been infected with the virus, 57 people were killed.

However, the president Bosuonaluo published in the March 24 televised speech, the governor criticized you and urge them to cancel the restrictions, because he believed that life must continue, employment and family income must be guaranteed. n95 medical mask for sale.

best coronavirus face masks,reported that the leader despite the WHO recommendations, but that the new virus crown “little flu”, and the majority of infected people over 60 years old, so there is no need to close schools.

26 governors held a video conference on March 25, the president agreed to ignore criticism and continue to maintain the restrictive measures, and strictly follow the recommendations of the WHO and the international scientific community. n95 masks for sale.

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coronavirus mask best,reported that the Federal District of Brasilia leaders of the only video conferencing absence of the earliest to take measures to limit economic activity, and advance before the meeting said it would continue to maintain these isolation measures.

Information Photo: Rio de Janeiro and empty streets affected by the epidemic. (Reuters) Click to enter the feature: real-time updates new map crown pneumonia epidemic outbreaks of new countries around the world crown pneumonia

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